8 OZ Package - Spruce Tips
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This is a vacuum packed 8 oz bag of freshly harvested spruce tips. Please note we only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid having the product sit in a hot warehouse over the weekend.

About the Spruce Trees:

Colorado Blue Spruce – Native to Colorado. 150-200 years (though some can reach 600 years). Medium to high elevations. The state tree of Colorado. Also known as Blue Spruce or Silver Spruce.

Engelmann Spruce – Native to Colorado. 250-500 years. Medium to high elevations. One of the taller of the high elevation conifers. They can survive in cold temperatures and deep snow pack at timberline (normally around 11,500 ft. around these parts). Produces cones at 25-50 years.

Other Uses – Food & Medicine - The leaves and branches, or the essential oils, can be used to brew spruce beer! (Go figure…) Also, the tips from the needles can be used to make spruce tip syrup. Native Americans in New England used the sap to make a gum which was used for various reasons, and which was the basis of the first commercial production of chewing gum. In survival situations spruce needles can be directly ingested or boiled into a tea. This replaces large amounts of vitamin C. Also, water is stored in a spruce's needles, providing an alternative means of hydration. Spruce tip tea has long been used by indigenous peoples to soothe coughs and sore throats, and to alleviate lung congestion. Reports say that spruce can be used as a preventative measure for scurvy in an environment where meat is the only prominent food source. Although there are many known uses for spruce, always consult a tree-eating expert before scarfing down wicked huge helpings of pine.

MORE: For more information including recipes, info about spruce tips and about Spruce on Tap, click on the Recipes And More tab at the top of the page or the About Us link at the bottom of the page.

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8 OZ Package - Spruce Tips

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