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About Us

Who We Are

Spruce On Tap - The spruce is loose!  Welcome to Spruce on Tap! We supply spruce tips (also known as spruce boughs) for the beer brewing and craft communities. Spruce tips are the new growth on Spruce pine trees that are harvested and used in the brewing process to enhance flavors and aromas. They are also used in the culinary and herbal communities as well. 


You can trust the original - Spruce On Tap has been providing wild crafted spruce to the craft community for over eight years! At Spruce On Tap you can trust you will be receiving the finest quality ingredients. As co-founders of Riff Raff Brewing Company and homebrewers and wild-craft lovers for years before going commercial, we know and understand the importance of the quality of the ingredients. We can recommend usage, boil times, addition calculation and dry hopping techniques. We are also able to provide assistance in attaining TTB and FDA approval.  

Our Harvesting Processes & Ethics

At Spruce On Tap we love brewing, but we love trees too. We are adamant about making sure the trees are not over harvested and that the spruce tips are only harvested in areas where the spruce tree is thriving. We recognize that trees are the source of our fresh air and they are beautiful to boot, and we strive to protect them. All spruce tips are Wild Harvested primarily in the San Juan Mountain Range of southern Colorado, in the San Juan, Rio Grande and Uncompagre National Forests. We harvest both Colorado Blue Spruce tips and Engelmann Spruce tips. We harvest the spruce tips when they first begin to emerge from their brown, papery casings each spring. At this stage they are very tender and have the brightest flavor with slight amounts of resin and citrus. 


Some of our recent customers include:  

Dogfish Head Brewing
Goose Island Brewing
Alagash Brewing
Avery Brewing
Stevens Point Brewing
Riff Raff Brewing
Great Dane Brewing
Big Rock Brewing
Miami Valley Spice Traders
San Luis Valley Brewing
Your Brewery? (Coming Soon...)  

And many, many more amazing breweries.   Thanks to our loyal customers!    


Check out the link Recipes & More at the top of the page to learn all about the history and uses of our products. Still have questions after that? Drop us a line. Phone and email are found at the bottom of the home page.